Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring

Carpet Vs. Hardwood Cost- Which One Is Better?

June 29, 2022
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Are you confused about the suitable flooring material? Have you been thinking about the cost difference between carpet and hardwood floors? Well, you are in the right place. This article will discuss the upfront and long-term cost, maintenance, resale value, durability, and installation costs of these two popular flooring materials.

Installing suitable flooring material for the right place is necessary as this is more likely a one-time investment. Understanding the materials' nature, roles, and characteristics is essential to choosing the most suitable one for you.

Difference Between Carpet And Hardwood Floors

Two of the most popular flooring materials are carpet and hardwood. Also, these two materials are entirely different in lifespan, cost per square foot, roles, application, maintenance, and others. Synthetic fiber carpets are soft, less durable, quiet, and inexpensive.

On the other hand, natural hardwood floors are complex and expensive and can last for generations. Before installing hardwood floors, there are many more measurements and considerations than carpet flooring.

Each has different roles, different applications, and characteristics.

Cost Factors

The first impression might seem that carpet flooring costs less money than wood flooring. However, some consideration factors make us think twice before making decisions.

For instance, synthetic fiber carpets cost way less than solid hardwood floors. But the, wood floors can last considerably more than carpet flooring. You will have to change the carpet floors after some years.

While a more significant initial investment, like engineered hardwood flooring, can save the replacement cost in the long run, other factors like application, resale value, repair, and replacement must be considered.

We are categorizing some cost factors between carpet vs. hardwood floors down below. Take a look at these factors carefully before making a decision.

Installing Hardwood Floors Vs. Installing Carpet Floors


 Installing carpet flooring is way less inexpensive than installing hardwood floors

Installing carpet is considerably less expensive than installing hardwood floors. Things can be different for some premium carpets costing more than hardwood floors. But we are talking about the primary grade carpets.

Carpet is way less expensive than hardwood, but it should be replaced after some years. You can install carpeting as minimum as 1$ per square foot. However, this cost can be increased up to 20$ per square foot depending on the quality of the carpet you are using. You can expect an average of 3$ per square foot carpet installed.


Hardwood looks way better than the carpets

Solid hardwood floor is more expensive and durable than carpet fibers. The wooden flooring costs anywhere between 12$ to 20$ per square foot installed. And it can be increased or decreased depending on the quality of the hardwood flooring.

However, engineered wood flooring can reduce your expenses significantly. But it is not available in some states.

The maintenance of hardwood floors is way lower than that of carpet flooring. In the carpet vs. hardwood discussion, the hardwood floors initially cost significantly, but the aftereffects are amazing.

You can clean hardwood floors with minimum effort as they are polished to resist stains. At the same time, the carpet flooring must be cleaned frequently as carpet flooring attract much more dust mites than hardwood floors.

Both of these flooring options can be applied intertwined. It's a matter of the personal preference of the prospective home buyers. It's up to you whether you want hardwood or carpet flooring as your new floors.

Winner: Carpet Flooring Wins

Lifespan Of Hardwood Floors Vs. Lifespan Of Carpet Floors


Lifespan of a carpet flooring is much lower than that of the hardwood flooring

A new carpet flooring lifespan is anywhere between 5 to 10 years. The longevity of carpet flooring highly depends on the quality of carpet fibers. Carpet fibers can be damaged after prolonged use and develop surface stains.

Deep cleaning is very much required frequently on the carpet floors. Although it may offer a softer surface than hardwood floors, it is fragile. It won't last like the hardwood floors. However, a well-maintained carpet can last for several decades.


Longevity of the hardwood flooring is significantly better than the carpet

One of the significant differences between carpet and hardwood flooring is durability. Carpet is cheaper to purchase and manufacture, while hardwood durability is phenomenal. It is not uncommon for hardwood flooring to last a century.

Yes! You have heard it right. Installing hardwood flooring can guarantee you service for almost three generations. The longevity of the hardwood flooring can even compensate for the installation expenses.

However, you will still need to take care of the floor, especially for grease, pet stool, liquid gels, water, and other liquids which can stain or damage the hardwood flooring.

In the battle of carpet vs. hardwood floors, hardwood flooring far surpasses the longevity segment over carpet flooring. It's up to you now to go for such an investment. But let us tell you one thing, the more the acquisition, the more the service.

So, if you choose the suitable material for your flooring project, hardwood flooring will serve you more significantly than carpet flooring in terms of longevity.

Winner: Hardwood Flooring Wins

Maintenance Of Hardwood Flooring Vs. Maintenance Of Carpet Flooring


Maintenance of the carpet flooring can be more difficult

Carpets are made from fibers. The pristine shape of the mats attracts a lot of dust particles, dirt, stains, and allergens. Over time, these particles get stuck into the carpet. Removing the stuck dust and colors can be far more complex than that hardwood flooring.

Sometimes, it requires deep shampoo cleaning or strong chemical carpet cleaner to remove such particles. Some manufacturers are producing stain-proof carpets that resist dust and stains.

That's why it's necessary to clean the carpet flooring regularly. Routine maintenance should be conducted occasionally, including vacuuming, water cleaning, and removing stains. Now, we can clearly say that the care of the carpet is far more complex than that of the hardwood flooring.


Maintenance of the hardwood flooring is relatively easier

Hardwood flooring is easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. It can be cleaned easily with damp mopping or sweeping. The dust, spills, stains, and other particles can be cleaned with minimum effort.

Properly maintained, quality hardwood flooring can last up to 3 generations. The best thing about hardwood flooring is that it can be sanded down when the surface wear becomes noticeable to the bare feet.

Quality hardwood flooring can be sanded down almost three times before it completely wears out. Rubbing down and vernishing can offer you a new-like flooring. Between these full-scale standing jobs, the wood flooring requires vernishing from time to time.

But not more frequently like the carpet flooring. Also, you can get an excellent hardwood resale value if you properly take care of your hardwood flooring.

The hardwood floor is the winner in the maintenance cost section of the carpet vs. hardwood battle because it can be cleaned comparatively more straightforwardly than the carpet. Also, the hardwood maintenance is less frequent and troublesome than the carpet.

Winner: Hardwood Flooring Wins

Hardwood Resale Value Vs. Carpet Resale Value


Considering the carpet vs. hardwood resale value, the latter passes this test with flying colors. Solid wood floors have more respect than carpets, as home buyers prefer wood flooring over anything, even tile flooring.

Homeowners prefer hardwood options more than the others. It is considered to be high-end and luxurious. According to USA Today, 54% of home buyers or renters prefer hardwood flooring.

Based on the quality of wood flooring, the resale value can be significantly higher than the carpet. Undoubtedly, the hardwood option is far more cherished than the carpets. The longevity and fine-polishing make it a prestigious flooring material.


Image of a new carpet

The carpet vs. hardwood resale value usually doesn't offer much if you look at the rug vs. hardwood resale value. It is considered a cheap, temporary, regular flooring material you see almost everywhere.

Because of its high maintenance, less longevity, inexpensive looks, and dusty environment, it is less wanted than reclaimed wood flooring.

The home buyers think of it as a temporary changeable item for the cheap pricing per square foot installed. We'll probably pick the latter if you ask us, "Carpet or hardwood?". However, things are changing; some expensive and well-crafted premium carpets are available in the current market.

But we think the cravings for natural hardwood, especially in dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, and kitchens, will be there forever. The hardwood is the winner in the resale value segment of the carpet vs. hardwood.

Winner: Hardwood Flooring Wins

Final Words

This article on carpet vs. hardwood cost has mentioned every possible factor you must consider before choosing carpet or hardwood. It's all about personal preference.

Some of us love the feel of the soft carpet beneath our feet. Others love the fine polishing and shine of hardwood flooring. Some love the cozy soft feeling in the bedroom, while others hate the allergens in their bedroom.

Also, the applications of these two flooring materials can differ much from each other. They also have merits and demerits of their own. The hardwood flooring can make irritating noise when walking, while the carpet can emit allergens that can be the worst for people with allergies.

But if you consider the cost of these two products, the carpet is way less expensive during installation. But it requires more maintenance and cleaning. It would be best to replace the carpeting after several years of use. It is more like a temporary and inexpensive solution.

On the other hand, hardwood can last for almost a century if properly maintained. The installation cost is significantly higher, while the maintenance and cleaning are less tiring. It is a premium, long-term investment for you. The decision is yours; choose according to your taste, budget, and usage.

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