Cleaning Prefinished Hardwood Floors

February 15, 2021
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Hardwood floors are a long-term investment in the appearance of the house. As such, they should be taken good care of to ensure that they last longer and maintain the exquisite splendor that is clear when they are first installed. To maintain the appearance and extend hardwood floors' service life, you must inform yourself about the different and proper cleaning tips and habits. People are often misled into thinking that cleaners who charge premium prices are the best cleaning method. However, this is incorrect as the key factor is not the price of cleaning but the care taken in cleaning the floors. To decide on the ideal cleaning method, it is important to establish what type of hardwood floor is installed in your house. 

Pre-Finished Floors

To prevent hardwood floors from scratching, denting, and aging fast, they are treated to avoid exposing the bare wood to the elements. Pre-finished floors have an added layer of finishing at the factory of manufacture. This is different from other hardwood floors that receive finishing at the installation site. The process used to apply the finish ensures that the finish is baked onto the surface of the hardwood. This reduces the chances of the hardwood wearing, making it more durable once installed in the house. Cleaning prefinished floors requires special care and attention not to damage the floor and maintain the finish.

Minimal Exposure to Outside Elements

Hardwood floors are generally water averse as they tend to absorb the water, swell and possibly rot. It is, therefore, important to avoid soaking moisture in the floor or flooding it while cleaning. This is also important while cleaning to ensure you dry the floors properly and do not let moisture get between the cracks. Areas of the house prone to wetness, such as entrances, should be protected with mats or rugs. Water will damage all hardwood floors, whether they are pre-finished or not.

Another thing to look out for is the dirt that falls between the floor's cracks. This dirt can scratch the edges and also acts as a host to moisture within the floor. Wet floors tend to curl up, leaving you with an uneven floor.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Like every other surface in the house, the best way to maintain a clean prefinished hardwood floor is to clean it daily. Daily cleaning does not have to be thorough, as a quick sweep with a light broom or a vacuum cleaner is enough to keep the floor clean. A more thorough cleaning may be necessary for high-traffic areas.

Cleaning specific substances off the floor should be done immediately, especially where liquids spill on the floor. Any moisture in the hardwood floor will soon show with the appearance of mildew. Moisture under the hardwood will cause the floor to curl up.

Cleaning the floor should be done with a dry or damp cloth where the floor shows signs of staining. We recommend occasionally getting a professional hardwood floor cleaning company to clean your floor and keep it looking new. For long-lasting hardwood floors, contact us at

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