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Installation of Hardwood Floor in Chicago - One must consider the two important bits to consider when one is looking to buy and install a hardwood floor for the house/business premises.

The first involves the correct selection of the ideal product that will guarantee maximum durability and the attractiveness you want for the floor. The second is the correct selection of a qualified and knowledgeable hardwood floor installing expert to take lead and guarantee quality installation process so that your floor remains strong for many years after.

At Improvix Hardwood Flooring, we seek to exceed expectations of our clients by selling only high-quality hardwood materials and offering meticulous and workmanship of guaranteed quality for the installation process.

Is it time for you to remove the old flooring carpet and replace it with hardwood floors?

We sell and install both pre-finished and unfinished hardwood as well as solid hardwood and engineered wood to suit your specific flooring requirements.

Are you installing new hardwood floors for your new home under construction?

We will order and deliver the wood to your new home once you gave been correctly guided in selecting the ideal wood for the floor.

Upon delivery, we allow between 3 to 5 days for the wood to acclimatize and take final shape in the new environmental conditions and thereafter we install it to your house.

Installation of Hardwood Flooring in Chicago IL

Our services comprise of installation for both pre-finished and unfinished hardwood flooring. Additionally, we have expansive experience in handling and installing both solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

To us, selection of the right type of flooring product is advisable and, regardless of whether you select the handcrafted engineered hardwood, custom floorboards or prefinished solid hardwood you can be assured of our installation service to the total satisfaction of our client.

We deliver the type of hardwood floor you have selected to your home in Chicago, Illinois some days before the agreed date of installation. We do this intentionally to give the wood time to dry and adjust the amount of moisture content in line with the local environmental conditions.

Giving some time to the wood is an important step of the installation process that is often overlooked by many and one that is not specified for any type of wood, whether you selected domestic or exotic type of wood.

During the selection of the preferred type of wood for installation, our client can go for the standard hardwood floor or the custom floorboards designs which offers a unique and remarkable appeal to the house floor.

Our engagement with the client does not end after the installation process. We have an accumulated wealth of experience of over 10 years in services such as floor refinishing, polishing, staining and buffing. After the installation process is well complete, we continue cultivating positive engagements with our clients.

Additionally, we are always available in case you have any questions or apprehension when it comes to all your hardwood flooring.

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Why Would Anyone Install Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of floor finishes today because of its stylish and alluring appearance if correctly installed.

Noteworthy, the impressive style and appearance of hardwood flooring are as a result of the correct installation process. A botched installation process results in hanging floors and split lush boards.

Do not fret though, one can install the hardwood floor on their own without much of anyone’s help provided they have the right equipment and the physical ability to carry out the job. Installation of hardwood floor may not be an easy task but you must have self-assurance that you can do it by yourself.

Additionally, if you have apprehensions or you are not sure of the installation procedures you should ask the experts to do it for you least you hurt yourself or end up with a poorly fitted floor that will prove expensive for curative action.

If you choose to install the flooring by yourself be advised to keep a close eye on the total installation costs. In our experience, the expenses incurred in installing hardwood flooring is heavily reliant on the installation skills and abilities.

If you end up installing the floor by yourselves, chances are that you will end up breaking the budget especially if you are lacking in requisite hardwood installation skills.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Hardwood Flooring and Installation?

Proper design and installation of hardwood flooring have the potential to greatly influence change in theme appearance of the office or home space. Wood flooring can be the only required change to give you the rich, tasteful or provincial theme you are looking for.

It is also very important to come up with a sustainable hardwood cleaning and maintenance plan to ensure the floor remains strong and beautiful for many years to come. Additionally, hardwood is easy to maintain and lasts longer than the common rug and floor tiles.

Our company, Improvix Hardwood Flooring, pride in the many years of experience we have in installation services for hardwood flooring in Chicago IL. We advise our clients to hire our services as the best way to get quality materials, skilled workmanship and guaranteed long-term service from your hardwood floor.

We understand and appreciate the skills and aptitude and information required to install hardwood flooring and which cannot be transferred by a call or in writing to our clients who would like to install the floor by themselves.

In our experience with many clients (both men and ladies), most of them cannot correctly gauge and anticipate the extent of working needs to correctly install the hardwood floor without exceeding budgetary allocations. They often and, wrongly so, tend to compare installation of hardwood flooring to that of floor tiling.

To correctly install a hardwood floor, one must begin by confirming the entire floor of the house is completely level. Installing hardwood flooring on the uneven floor will result in major undesirable flooring effects.

We strongly recommend that you contact a flooring expert if you lack proficient skills to install the flooring.

Wood of Quality Material

As it is with most types of floors, the nature and quality of the wood to install greatly determines the general look and texture of the floor.

The wood of great quality has some level of fragility and an appealing top polish. It is solid-strong but can also bend to some degree when force is applied to it. On the other hand, wood of lower quality is cheap and most affordable. However, poor quality wood chips away blur rapidly and twist when it comes with opposing forces of water or a different fluid.

A legitimate company will work with materials of superior quality. Additionally, they help you select the appropriate type of wood for your house based on the geographical and atmospheric conditions of the area where the building is located as well as your financial budget.

More importantly, legitimate companies are willing and ready to handle flooring works of varying scope, that is, size, width and thickness of the flooring areas to be done.

Adaptability in Flooring Designs

Wood floors can be refurbished and colored again to attain a style and appearance that coordinates with the general theme of the rest of the house. Hardwood floors can be sanded and stained to bring about varying looks such as mahogany and past.

We at Improvix Hardwood Flooring have administrative obligation and responsibility as a company to assist you plan and customize your wood floor to the tune of your liking. We have assorted trims of woods and examples of wood floor finish to give you an idea of available customization patterns and to give you options to choose from.

Also, many hardwood specialists should be able to help you choose the ideal wood floor, whether it is for your lounge area or the frontal room of the house. Many specialists have recorded refinishing from previous works which might help you make the right choice.

High-Quality Installation Methods

There are different methods to fix the hardwood flooring such as nail down installation, skimming installation and pastedown installation. Each of these installation methods has its benefits and limitations and the appropriateness of each method should be determined on a case by case basis by an expert specialist.

An expert specialist will provide you with a comprehensive survey of your flooring needs and the appropriateness of each method for your home.

In all likelihood, testing for dampness should be done to ensure there is a high-quality installation of the hardwood flooring regardless of whether you are contemplating installing built word strips, strong wood strips or parquet.

The installation process can be very tricky but an installation expert company should be able to install the floors with the required care, skills and consideration to your home needs.


If you have had the appropriate installation of the floor then you can expect the flooring to last for the long term. In our experience, it is normal and expected for wood floors to last for long durations if the installation and maintenance plan was well thought out in the first place.

It is important to remember that the correct installation of the hardwood floor heavily determines the durability of the floor.


Installation of hardwood floors is not a jumbled and confusing undertaking. However, if you are too busy to carry out the task or you lack the right opportunity to install the flooring by yourself then you should not hesitate to get counsel from skillful companies who will gladly do the work for you.

Our installation services in Chicago IL are very cost-friendly and will guarantee you top quality results and more durable floors compared to if you installed the floors by yourself without any expert guidance.

Our experts are at an advantage because they know perfectly well the need to accurately confirm the sizes and quality of boards, floor buoys, and nails to ensure the durability of all flooring elements.

Remember that floors are a housing element that is constantly being used every day and it is important that they look and feel great for as long as possible. Here is where the flooring experts come in to play.

If you have already had hardwood flooring, then the advantages are rather obvious to you. However, you will need to review the flooring structures, correct any blemishes and fix problems that crop up with ageing floors.

Feel free to give our hardwood flooring experts today and familiarize yourself with hardwood flooring solutions for your home and your business.