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Satin Vs. Semi-Gloss Wood Finish: Pros And Cons

December 1, 2022
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Picking the perfect type of flooring is crucial if you want your house to look exactly how you dreamed it. To get that perfect house, you must determine what type of wood floor finishing you seek. It can be dreamy satin finish hardwood floors, or it can be a pretty semi-gloss finish. Gloss polyurethane satin and semi-gloss finish hardwood floors might differ, but they both have advantages and disadvantages. Whichever type of hardwood floor finish you get, make sure that you know everything there is to know about it before picking the finish.

Satin-finish hardwood floors and semi-gloss finishes are both incredibly popular options nowadays. However, only you get to pick the right one for yourself. Wood floors with a satiny finish can make your house look impeccably sophisticated, while a semi-gloss polyurethane wood floor can make your house look incredibly stylish. So, before choosing which finish you are looking for, let's do a ''Satin Vs. Semi-Gloss Wood Finish'' to help you make the right choice.

Satin Finish Hardwood Floors

A satin finish hardwood floor is a dream for many people. Not only does it make your house look incredibly fashionable, but it also ensures that you keep up with the trendy home decor. Satin finish hardwood floors give off nice satin sheens that make your floors look beautiful and sophisticated in the best way possible. Currently, satin finishes are incredibly popular for hardwood floors as customers are more interested in the light satiny sheen a satin finish hardwood floor provides. It also makes the house look classy.

A satin finish hardwood floor has tons of advantages. However, along with those advantages, these finish also comes with a few disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are given below:

Advantages Of Satin Finish Hardwood Floors

Here are a few advantages of getting a satin finish hardwood floor:

  • The satin finish makes it incredibly easy to hide any imperfections on the floor.
  • Dents can be easily hidden with the help of a satin finish because lights don't get reflected as they do with most semi-gloss hardwood floors.
  • A satin finish hardwood floor looks incredibly high fashion as it doesn't bring too much focus on the floor; however, pairing it with the right color scheme can make a huge difference. It can make your entire house look trendy.
  • A satin finish hardwood floor accentuates the grain and the beautiful wood patterns, and the light reflection is just the right amount, making the entire floor look incredibly posh.

Disadvantages Of Satin Finish Hardwood Floors

Here are a few disadvantages of satin finish hardwood floors:

  • To some, a satin finish makes the floor look dull as the light doesn't properly is not as reflective. The lack of luster makes the flooring look boring.
  • Satin finish hardwood floors are comparatively less durable as they don't have that extra layer of gloss on top.

Semi-Gloss Finish Hardwood Floors

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A semi-gloss or high-gloss polyurethane finish can greatly affect your house's appearance. A high gloss finish or a high gloss finish can bring life to your floors. It can make your floors look more luminous and make your house look modern. Hardwood flooring with a glossy finish is super trendy nowadays as well.

The semi-gloss surface brings in more light and gives the vibe of a smooth, feeling surface. Semi-gloss furniture only enhances the beauty of the semi-gloss flooring. A semi-gloss paint can give your house an entirely new look. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of semi-gloss finish hardwood floors:

Advantages Of Semi-Gloss Finishes On Hardwood Floors

Here are a few advantages of semi-gloss finish on hardwood floors:

  • High reflective quality helps make the color of the floor look richer and more profound. The reflectivity also enhances the designs in a particular way that makes each pattern of the wood floors look unique.
  • Semi-gloss polyurethane finishes provide more protection from damage.
  • Semi-gloss finishes can make your house look much more well-kept, as the semi-gloss varnish gives a shiny finish.

Disadvantages Of Semi-Gloss Polyurethane Finish On Hardwood Floors

Here are a few Disadvantages Of Semi Gloss Polyurethane Finish On Hardwood Floors

  • A semi-gloss finish is much more damage-resistant; however, high-gloss finishes are more damage-resistant.
  • Even mere scratches and the tiniest bits of dust show up on semi-gloss finish floors. This is why intensive cleaning is a must; otherwise, it can make the floors look dirty and just unhygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding satin and semi-gloss finish hardwood floors:

Are Satin Finishes the Same As Matte Finish?

Answer: Satin finishes are nothing like matte finishes. a Matte finish does not reflect light at all. It makes the floor look dull; however, a satin finish is slightly shimmer. It reflects a little bit of light which makes the floor look magnificent.

Is Matte Wood Flooring Prettier Than Semi Gloss Or Satin Floors?

Answer: It depends on what a person is looking for. However, a semi-gloss finish or a satin finish gives the floor and the house a luminous glow, making the house look a lot better and giving everything a bright hue.

Are Semi Gloss Hardwood Floors And Satin Hardwood Floors Equally Durable?

Answer: Semi-gloss hardwood floors are much more durable than satin hardwood floors. Semi-gloss hardwood floors have an extra layer of gloss, making them much more durable than a satin-finish hardwood floor. In the same way, a high gloss poly hardwood floor is more durable than a semi-gloss polyurethane finish hardwood floor.

Is Semi-Gloss Finish Better For Floors Or Satin Finish?

Answer: The semi-gloss finish is better for hardwood floors because it is more durable; however, a satin finish is not a poor choice either.

Is Satin Polyurethane Finish Oil Based?

Answer: There are two types of polyurethane. One is oil-based polyurethane, and the other is water-based polyurethane. Satin polyurethane finishes can be both oil-based and water-based.

Are Semi-Gloss Floors More Expensive?

Answer: Semi-gloss floors can be pretty high maintenance as they constantly need to be cleaned; otherwise, even the smallest of imperfections are visible and can make the floors look dirty, so due to the maintenance, semi-gloss floors can be more expensive than satin floors.

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Satin Vs. Semi-Gloss Wood Finish is highly discussed as some people prefer a satin hardwood floor and swear by that hardwood finish, while others are reluctant to try it out as they prefer a semi-gloss finish hardwood floor. Satin flooring finish gives a rustic farmhouse vibe, while semi-gloss reflects and gives a nice soft sheen. Both finishes are unique in their ways and can make your house look amazing. However, it comes down to you which one you prefer.

The wood surface of your house plays a crucial role in the outlook of your house. So, figuring out which flooring finish you desire is the most important. Think about the pros and cons of both flooring finishes and pick the one you think is best. It can be a tough decision; however, it can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your household.