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Choosing a Hardwood Flooring Contractor In Northwood IL

Improvix Hardwood Flooring is one of the best floor refinishing companies in the Northwood, IL area. We are able to provide you with the best in flooring for all of your residential and commercial facilities. We are thrilled to have served the Northwood, IL area for so long offering top quality customer service. We want you to have the best and give you a successful project. Improvix Hardwood Flooring beleives in giving you high-quality customer service, meaning we are going to guide you through the entire process and answer all of your questions. Regardless of whether you have an old floor or new floor, we can offer you assistance and help you get your project done in a professional or efficient manner.

Commercial and Residential Hardwood Flooring Services In Northwood, IL

When you are installing new floors or are in the process of refinishing existing floors, Improvix Hardwood Flooring is able to provide you with professional service on the complete project. You will be able to customize your hardwood floors with informtation we able to provide about various types of wood, stains, cuts and designs. You can choose from a wide selection of domestic and exotic wood flooring. Additionally, we carry rubio monocoat finishes for a stunning look.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Northwood, IL

Improvix Hardwood Flooring is perhaps one of the most trusted and popular hardwood refinishing company in Northwood IL. We take great pride in refinishing flooring in Northwood as well as all surrounding areas. Quite possibly, one of the best aspects of real hardwood flooring as opposed to other materials that emulate the look is the fact that real hardwood has the ability to be restored. With the many hardwood services that Improvix Hardwood Flooring offers, there is never going to be a need to worry about any abuse your floor recieves. Additionally, hardwood floor refinishing is quite useful if you simply want to change the look of your hardwood floors. We will take the time to sand off the current stain layer and refinish it with a gorgeous new stain color that has been choosen.

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When a homeowner decides to refinish hardwood floors on their own, there are a number of things that could go wrong and create a great deal of stress. It is important to understand the thickness of the wood, how to properly sand them, and fixing wood planks that may have imperfections. These are all important steps that will determine the overall refinishing of the wood.

With proper hardwood finishing in Northwood, IL, families will never be forced to stress over having to make such choices as we are the ultimate professionals who will be able to do the job correctly the first time. Our team of professionals will be able to check the floors and gauge what type of effect the refenishing will cover and how much it is going to cost the mortgage holder.

Why You Should Refinish Hardwood Floors?

As hardwood flooring begins to age, it has the ability to dull and get scratched. However, unlike other types of flooring, it is possible to bring hardwood flooring back from the dead. In fact, all that is needed is a simple refinishing. Hardwood flooring has the ability to take up to 10 to 12 sandings and refinishes throughout its lifetime. Whereas engineered wood flooring only has the ability to be refinished once or twice and that is dependent upon the hardwood veneer. The process of sanding and refinishing gives you the opportunity to take a wood floor from old to spectacular. This is also going to give you the opportunity to change the look and color of your flooring.

Two Levels Of Refinished Hardwood Floors

  • Buffing is one of the easiest ways to go. If the flooring only has minor scratching on the surface and the actual flooring is in good shape, the restoring process can be done with a simple buffing of the topcoat, which is known as screening.
  • Sanding and refinishing older and damaged hardwood floors is going to give you the chance to make them new again. This will also allow you the opportunity to change the color of the floor with a new stain.

We are the number on professionals for hardwood floor refinishing in Northwood, IL.

Are you ready to get your hardwood floors refinished? For a free estimate and consultation, give us a call today. We will walk you through the entire process to help you understand exactly everything that is involved.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Northwood, IL

We are able to provide hardwood floor installation services for both unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring products. We have experience with engineered hardwood and solid hardwood flooring. This means that regardless of the type of flooring you choose, such as prefinished solid hardwood, custom floor boards, or handcrafted engineered hardwood, it will be installed to go above your expectations.