Hardwood Flooring Wheeling IL

Choosing a Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Wheeling IL

Are you a resident of Wheeling looking for a quality flooring company in the area? We are the right choice for you.

As a homeowner, you may be feeling that it is time to refinish your hardwood flooring or even install new hardwood floors. You will need quality workmanship for that. Our hardwood flooring company is the company that can offer you what's you are looking for.

Hiring the best contractor can give you satisfactory results because a professional will ensure that you have high-quality results. Our company is capable of giving our clients the best services because we have plenty of experience in the industry. With 15 years in the job, we can advise you during the project to guarantee that the result we achieve in the end is exactly what you had in mind.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Wheeling

All residents of Wheeling know that the hardwood floors handle a lot of traffic that can cause damage. Between the outdoor sports, children, and pets using the floors and the wet climate in the area, it is inevitable that your hardwood flooring will need some maintenance. This is where a professional hardwood floor refinishing contractor comes in.

Once you notice that your hardwood floors are starting to look old because of foot traffic, water damage, pet stains, etc, call us to get a refinishing. We can work on the floors to bring back the perfect look that makes your floors look new. Your new floors will not only make the place beautiful, but they will also add value to your home. Reach out to the professionals and let us make your home new once more.

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Hardwood Floor Installation Wheeling

It is always best to have various options when choosing hardwood floors. Our company has an array of choices for hardwood flooring so that our customers can pick the one best suited for their home. We have woods such as Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Red Oak, and White Oak. For customers that prefer exotic woods, we also offer these with woods such as Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, Peruvian Walnut, and Ipe.

Additionally, we also provide staining for clients that want their floors to have a unique look. Our company offers custom staining options for you.

We have a free in-home estimation where our experts work with you so that you can pick the option that is best suitable for your space. You do not have to get overwhelmed trying to pick the best design all by yourself.

Pre-finished And Engineered Flooring Wheeling

Engineered flooring is the best option if you would rather not move out during the installation process. With this, we can finish the project within days, so you get completely new flooring fast.

Engineered hardwood flooring is one way to go if you want to avoid the high costs that come with a full installation process. They will give you the look of hardwood flooring and you get to avoid the long, tiresome process.

You can take your pick from our customized portfolio with numerous finishes to pick from. The choice is yours to make your home look just how you want it.

Commercial Hardwood Flooring Services Wheeling IL

Are you looking for a reliable hardwood contractor for your small business, corporate office, or even something like a dance studio? We are the people to call. Our reliable and trustworthy services to the residents of Wheeling are highly-reputable. Call us to get your flooring needs met by our skilled and efficient professionals.

Why Choose Selected Hardwwod Flooring in Wheeling IL?

Great Customer Service

We take pride in serving our customers the best quality because we think of our clients like family. Our business is family-operated and has grown over the last 10 years. We, however, know the importance of having satisfied customers. Our main focus is on having our clients get the results they have hired us for.

Plenty Of Experience

Our years in the business give us a unique perspective which is what ensures that we give our clients exactly what they want.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products are in accordance with the guidelines, so our clients can be sure that we only give them the best results.

Price Match Guarantee

Our craftsmanship is unmatched because we only give the best even when other local estimates match ours.