The Best Ways to Care for Hardwood Floors

December 7, 2020
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Floors in the home are naturally one of the places that see a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. Even if you take exceptional care of the floors, life happens. This is especially true when it comes to hardwood flooring. This is why it is important to know how to care for and clean the hardwoods throughout your home.

Moving furniture, pet stains, and scratches, along with harsh cleaners that have chemicals in them can all do damage to the floorboards. Regular maintenance seems to be the routine way to go when caring for hardwoods, so it is important to know what to do, what to use, and how to do it to keep them looking their best. 

Regular Vacuuming

The right vacuum can do so much. From a Roomba to a Shark or Dyson; the soft bristles can pick up items that can damage the coating on the wood flooring. Part of the steps in hardwood floor care, choosing a vacuum and then regularly vacuuming can help keep the floors in good shape for a longer period of time.

The Cleanser Matters

Choose cleaners that are specifically made for hardwood floors. Additionally, you want to use less not more when cleaning. Too much water and cleanser can do more harm than good to the wood. Do not dump the cleanser right on the floor, using a gentle mop or rag to clean it. Start with vinegar if you want something natural and gentle. 

Use Furniture Pads

If you have furniture sitting on the floors, install furniture pads to the bottom of the legs. This will reduce the chances of having them scratch or mar up the flooring. This also ensures that if the furniture needs to be moved from one spot in the room to another it doesn’t scratch the surface of the wooden floor.

Pets and Your Wood Floor

Pets’ nails should be trimmed often and as low as they can go. This can reduce any scratches. Accidents that happen on the floor should be picked up and cared for right away. Leaving moisture of any kind, not just from pets, can ruin the hardwood flooring. 

Tea Finishing

You can refinish the floor and put some life back into it as a quick fix with tea. Boil 6 tea bags in 5 cups of water. Allow the mix to cool and use a soft mop to mop this tea mixture on the floors. This provides a nice, gentle shine to the floors to breathe a bit of life back into them between refinishing or other treatments.

For any wooden floors, it is important to keep them in the best shape. Having a routine that includes the above mentions can help you keep your floors in great condition. For more information on flooring, the types there are, and tips and tricks, visit You’re able to learn much more and choose a flooring type that fits your needs.

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