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What Hardwood Floor is Ideal for Homeowners with Dogs?

January 6, 2021
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If you have dogs in your home, you already know that wood floors will not be ideal for your house. Dogs and wood floors don’t always blend. And since trimming nails will not be an excellent choice, you will have to get a floor that works well for the dog. Declawing your dog will not be the right choice. Even if the dog has blunt nails, the nails can damage your floors. If you don’t know what to do, you can reach out to a hardwood flooring company in Chicago if you wish to find out which hardwood floor is the best choice for a dog owner.

Meanwhile, here is what you need to know about hardwood floors that are ideal for dog owners:

Best Floor Choices for Dogs

The best floor for a house that has dogs will not be wood. You can pick laminate, vinyl, stone, or tile. All these options are better than wood. But if you want wood, you need to remember this. Softwoods such as fir or pine are the worst choices for homes with dogs. You can even use the best products to shield your floor from dog claws, but your floor will still get damaged. Make sure you seek super-hard wood if you wish to get wood floors. Also, look for stained and sealed floors with several layers of alligator skin-tough finish. 

Here are some hardwood floors:

Brazilian Walnut or Ipe

You need to opt for the domestic species to get the hardest hardwood floor. But Brazilian hardwood floors are well-known to be hard and dense worldwide. Ipe, commonly known as the Brazilian Walnut, is hard and will be used on outdoor decks. Ipe entered the American market several years ago and was retailing at premium prices. Today, it is affordable for most homeowners. 


Bamboo is grass, not wood. But it is often seen as wood when it comes to hardwood floors and can undergo the Janka hardness test. Bamboo floors are durable, but the secret will be in manufacturing. The primary reason why it can’t function as a hardwood floor is that it has hard resins. For instance, bamboo brands have a Janka rating of 5,000. 

Hard Maple

Hard maple should be your top priority if you seek floors for your house. Hard maple is used in basketball courts. It can withstand dogs. Hard maple has a Janka rating of 1,450. According to flooring standards, anything with a Janka rating of over 1,000 is excellent. When it comes to hard maple, it will not be considered just like any old maple. Hard maple can be mostly found in Northern states but also grow elsewhere. Apart from the rating, it can scratch if the dog is always active. 

When Choosing Hardwood Floors, Consult a Professional

If you reside in Chicago and are looking for excellent hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to consult an expert if you need assistance. Getting the right floor for your home is crucial, and you want to know that you’re making the right choice. To learn more about hardwood flooring, read more at

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