A house floor with hard wax oil applied on it

What Is Hard Wax Oil And The Benefits Of Using Hard Wax Oil For Floors

October 19, 2022
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Hard wax oil is recently getting very popular for floor finishing. Many people increasingly prefer it over other floor-finishing options.

There are other finishing options for hardwood floors. Though hard wax oil is relatively newer than the other options, it's getting much attention. But, as it is still somewhat new, many people are facing a lot of confusion. Is it easy to maintain or repair? Does it last long? How good is it compared to the other options? These are a few questions that come to many people's minds. These are important questions, especially when the option is relatively new to its counterparts.

Stop worrying more; you're in the right place to have a brief idea about all your queries. This article will cover the common confusion and the benefits of using hard wax oil for the floors.

What Is Hardwax Oil?

Hardwax oil is a blend of natural oils and wax. The quantity of wax is low, but it adds the advantages of wax along with the oil.

A preferable color pigment can be added with hard wax oil to make the floor colorful. This type of finish has been used in Europe for a long time. Now it's also getting more recognition in the United States and other places.

Benefits Of Hardwax Oil Finish For Wood Floors

A house floor with hard wax oil applied on it

Hardwax oil is a great choice for people who want a protected surface and a natural look. Let's have a look at all the other benefits of hard wax oil -

Heavy Protection

Hardwax oil is more than a coating layer for the surface. While the protective layer gives protection over the surface, it penetrates deep into the floors and brightens the natural look of the floors.

Also, the wax part of the hard wax oil stops oil from going too deep on the floors. This way, both the surface and grain get protection. Linseed oil is a great choice to protect the wooden surface even more.

No Watermarking

Hardwax oils are extremely water-repellent. This leaves the wood finish with no watermarks.

Enhance The Outlook Of The Floors

As hard wax oils get deeper into the wood pores, it brings out the best look of the hardwood floor. It enhances the natural outlook and brings elasticity to the whole floor.

An additional color pigment is also an option in hard wax oil. This gives a layer of a different color over the floor. Adding this pigment, you can easily get red oak, white oak, or other different colors.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Other hard wax oil finish options, like oil-based polyurethane finishes, tend to crack or flake the wood floors. But this is not the case with a hard wax oil finish.

Fiddes hard wax oil is a great choice for durability. This hard wax oil has a mixture of natural oils and wax that lasts for a long time.

Though hard wax oils don't crack, peel, or blister the floor off, it faces dent or scratch issues. But that's also not a major concern for a hard wax oil finish. I will see the reasons later.

Resistant To Liquid Stains

Hardwax oils have the best water damage resistance among all the water-based finish options. It has natural stain-resistance traits to many liquid drinks, including beer, cola, tea, coffee, or wine. You don't need to get tensed about damaging your floors while drinking or doing regular water-related chores.

Natural Finished Floors

This is a unique feature of hard wax oil. Hardwax oil does not contain anything artificial. It is produced from oils and wax oil that are natural and completely preservative free. This oil-based option is also licensed as volatile organic compounds free.

Easy Maintenance And Renovation

Different types of wood floors

Maintenance is not difficult either with different hard wax oil products. In hard wax floor finishes, you don't need to repair the whole floor if a small portion gets damaged. Repairing that specific part should be enough. It's financially efficient and time-saving also.

There are different hard wax oil products to repair and clean small damages. Bigger damage or stains is not a big deal either. You can use the combination of sand and oil on the spot; the floor will be as good as new.

Multiple Time Waxing

This is a great advantage of hard wax oil finishes. In other options, you will need to change the entire floor. But in hard wax oil, re-finishing is very viable. It makes this a long-lasting one.

Disadvantages Of Hard Wax Oil Finish

Nothing is all about advantages. The hard wax finish also has its fair share of disadvantages. They are as follows -

  • Maintenance is easy with hard wax oil, but it needs regular intervention. It needs a new application process once a year.
  • The wax finish has the capability of deep penetration into the floor. It makes it difficult to remove the wax from the surface.
  • Sometimes, the latest polyurethane finish is more durable than the wax finish.
  • Constant re-sanding can make the wood floor look more boring. It gradually impacts the outlook of the wood fibers of the floors and makes them sluggish.

General Maintenance Procedure Of Hard Wax Oil Finish

Read below to learn the procedure to take care of your hard wax oil-finished floors -

Cleaning The Wood Floor

Various dust and debris always fall on the floor surface. That's why it needs water pop or other cleaning processes.

For high-traffic areas, it needs a bit more care than just water popping. We suggest you use a damp mop blended with some chemicals and mixed with water. There are various magic oil options to choose from to remove any dart. Pallman magic oil is a good option. It does not leave any spot on the wood after use. Always see the guidelines for the chemicals before using them.

Spot Repair

A combination of sand and oil should be sufficient for repairing a stain or spot on the wood. Apply sand and oil to the worn areas and wait 6 hours before walking over them.

Care For Rustic Type Flooring

The rustic-type floors lose their glaze after a while. A quality colored oil can rejuvenate its lost glamour.

Similarly, after applying the oil, you need to wait 4-6 hours before waling and putting any furniture over the wood.

Repairing Scratches

Hardwax oil finishes are a bit more lenient towards scratches. One reason for this to happen is that surface of the wood finish is more exposed. But, it shouldn't be a big deal as repairing wood floors is quick and simple.

Firstly, clean the wood floor with magic oil. Then cover the scratch with a touchup pen.

Professional Help For Maintaining The Hardwax Oil Finished Floor

The process of caring for the wood floor for hard wax oils has been elaborately stated above. If any confusion or query remains, you can seek professional support.

Improvix Flooring is a well-established name in the flooring industry. You can get a free estimate from Improvix Flooring's expert professionals. Call (773) 345-9719 to get free estimates from Improvix Flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does Hard Wax Oil Last On Floors?

Hardwax oil coatings have one huge advantage. It does not need painting or washing every year. You need to keep an eye on thirst or dryness. Upkeep may be necessary if this is the case.

Is Hard Wax Oil Durable?

Hard wax oils have many original clear oils. Osmo oil is one of them. This oil is fantastic for applying on floors, doors, furniture, and other surfaces. It is highly durable and water-repellent.

What Is Hard Wax Oil Used For?

Hard wax floors offer great durability for interior wood floors and other structures. It is made up of superior-quality Tung oil and carnauba wax. This solution offers great protection against water stains, grime, heat, and scratches for hardwood fibers.

Does Hard Wax Oil Darken Wood?

Wood surfaces are penetrated by the oil, which creates a connection that prevents peeling and throwing out. Many people used oils on clay tiles and untreated slates. The oil gets heavily stuck on the surface, discoloring the wood floor's upper part.

Is Hardwax Oil Waterproof?

There is a popular hard wax oil by Fiddes, which is great for durability. This hard wax oil is also waterproof.

What Is The Toughest Finish For Hardwood Floors?

Polyurethane is the toughest floor coating. It lasts a very long time.

What Is The Best Thing To Shine on a Wooden Floor?

White Vinegar & Vegetable oils are the best to make any wood floor shiny. Mix an equal proportion of white Vinegar & Vegetable oil to clean the floor. Vinegar has natural acidity in it, which helps to remove grime.

White Vinegar & Vegetable oil is great for removing excess oil from the floor.