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Wood Floor On Stairs-6 Benefits And More

June 22, 2022
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When remodeling or developing a home or business, you must make many choices, especially about the floor.

Wood flooring is among the most popular places for the lounge room, dining area, kitchen, and main hall. However, hardwood stairs aren't as common in different spaces in residence as the stairs.

But for clarity's sake and because there are many advantages to implementing hardwood stairs over, suggest, rug, you could choose to put it on the stairs. Whether you're thinking about this, let's focus on the pros and cons and how wood floors on stairs can be installed. 

What Type Of Flooring Is Best For Stairs?

Hardwood flooring is among the most popular and high-end forms of flooring for stairs. It will significantly affect the feel and look of the whole staircase and your household as a whole. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. A staircase made of high-quality hardwood lasts as long as the residence and is simple to clean.

Hardwood has one flaw: it can become dangerous to walk on when it gets wet. But non-slip treads and other safety measures can be put in place to ensure that the beautiful wood surface doesn't pose a risk.

Can You Put Wood Flooring On The Stairs?

A hardwood staircase might be just what you need if you're a natural wood lover. With options like beech, oak, ash, or walkabout, you can make the perfect staircase that matches the rest of the furniture and flooring in your home. Putting stairs of wood isn't too hard, and you must start from the bottom.

Depending on your staircase size, installing your new wood floors must take only one day. Still, you will need to use another area during the installation process.


About $2,380 is the average price for wood stairs, including labor and materials. Hardwood stairs cost between $75 and $200 per step, and most households have ten to twenty steps. Depending on what hardwood you use, the shape and number of stairs, and structural work, the fees can vary from $750 to more than $30,000.

Hardwood stairways are popular with homeowners since they are strong, last a long time, and are easy to keep clean.

Cut woods

What Type Of Hardwood Is Best For Stairs?

Even though Pine is not as hard as Oak or the other hardwoods, it is among the best hardwoods for a stair tread. Pine floors and stair treads last a very long time. Countless homes have floors made of Pine, which are hundreds of years old.

Stair Treads And Risers?

Stair treads and stair risers

Each staircase set has two main parts: treads and risers. When building stairs, it's essential to know the difference between treads and risers and how they work together.

What Is A Stair Tread?

The horizontal pieces making up the stairs are called "stair treads." These are the part of the stairs where you step as you go up or down. While building steps, the run estimation's parts are the depth and the difference between the front of the tread and the back of it. The size of every step determines how safe and comfortable it is to climb the stairs.

When the tracks are too narrow, you can't put your foot down safely while going up and down the staircase. You might fall or miss a step more often. Even if you stay on your feet, you might still feel shaky. If the tread is too deep, passing only one step on every tread can be difficult. You will need a broader stance to move to another step with one step.

What Are Stair Risers?

Tread, riser & nosing

Each step on winding staircases also has risers. The pieces that go up and down the stairs are called risers. The rise is the length of every step. It is also used in estimations to develop a comfortable and safe design. Every set of stairs has a rise, and not all have risers.

For instance, the backs of outdoor balcony steps are often open rather than being made of a bit of wood. The rise, or altitude, of the steps of your staircase, also impacts how safe and comfortable they are. Getting up or down the stairs could be challenging if the steps are too high. 

Benefits Of Wood Floor On Stairs

Wood cut into the size of stair's measurement

The Timelessness Of Hardwood Stairs

Wood flooring shall not lose its charm, even if you use walnut or Oak. Wood flooring has never been a fashion element, has been around for hundreds of years, and is still going strong.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

Most spills on wood floors can be cleaned up by wiping them up. Not only that, any scrapes or scuff marks can be fixed with a swift refinish.

Wood floors are even easier to clean. You have to sweep them every few days and use a steam mop once a week to clean them thoroughly.

Durable And Good Value For Money

Wood flooring offers a much longer "life span" because it won't lose its color or get beaten down in your entire life. If you put wooden floors in your home, it will still feel and look the same in fifty years as it did the first day. This is a good choice because it saves money. If you don't want to, you won't have to think about buying wood floors every ten years.

A Wide Variety Of Options For Wood Stairs

You could choose from various wood types, finishes, colors, grains, patterns, etc., so you're likely to find everything that you adore and that fits the style you're going for in that space.

It Makes Your Home Worth More

Buyers pay extra for an apartment with wooden floors than the one with carpets. This is because of all the advantages already mentioned, especially the fact that wood floors don't go out of style and are easy to clean. It would be best if you never made interior choices that could make it hard for you to change your plans for the future.

Better Air Quality

Wood floors have another mostly overlooked benefit: they improve the air. Dust, dirt, and other widespread allergens get stuck in carpets and make the air inside the house less healthy. It also makes life a little harder for people with allergies. Aside from vinyl, thick carpet and tiles can also worsen the air freshness in a room. Because the embossing and the grout lines make it easier for allergens to get somehow stuck and stay put on the floor, people with allergy problems should choose wood floors in this case.

How To Install Wood Floor On Stairs 

  • First, get the stairs ready. Tear down the carpet. If solid wood is underneath the carpet, be watchful while cutting it. You would not want to hurt the wooden floor.
  • When you take the carpet out, throw away the rug pad. You can pull up tacks, nails, and tack strips with a pry bar and pliers. Double-check so that you do not miss any nails or tacks.
taking measurement of the stairs
  • Now is the time for rebuilding the subfloor if it is damaged. If the subfloor's not broken, focus on cutting off any stair nose so that the front riser is flat. Cutting off the stair nose makes putting the new elements in place easier.
  • From this step, new stairs made of wood will be put in. To replace or put in the hardwoods, you'll need to start measuring the stairway to get the measurements of the cut sizes.
  • Start by cutting the riser bits to the correct size with a table saw. Use construction adhesive to stick the risers together. You don't have to use nails since the risers wouldn't get any load; you can if you want to.
  • Time to get the tread covers ready. The front of them has a lip. Trim them to shape and use building adhesive to stick them together. Make sure that the corners don't move by nailing them down.
  • The edge molding on these treads is attached with glue and a nail gun to give the sides a pleasant, clean look.
  • The other choice is to get a hardwood border around the tread piece. To do that, you'll need to assess the tread dimensions, cut the tread, and put it on.
  • If you paint, stain, and topcoat your stairs, they will look good for a long time. If there were woods under the rug, you'd need to sand the wood before re-stain them.
Staining the staircase
  • Foam brushes are the best option to spread the stain. Use a lint-free fabric to wipe the stain off. Put on a clear coat twice once it's dry. Now it needs to dry before your beautiful wooden stairs are ready.

Call A Professional

Wooden stairs

Through refinishing services and installing personalized hardwood floors, professionals show off the beauty of well-done flooring. Experts know how to work with wood and make a beautiful floor that suits your requirements and personal style. You can choose from various colors, styles, and textures with the services professionals offer.

Why Choose Improvix Hardwood Flooring

Since 2010, Improvix Hardwood Flooring has been polishing, refinishing, and installing hardwood floors, starting from the subfloor to the existing floor. We serve homes and businesses in the land area of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our technicians are all hired through our company, and advanced tools are used. We try to discuss how it works and determine how good the floors are with our customers.

Services We Provide:

Flooring is one of the essential home decor parts. Thus, we offer customized flooring options.

  • Installation hardwood floor
  • Cover carpeted stairs
  • Installing new floors on the stairs using construction adhesive
  • Installing stair nosing
  • Replacing carpet, stand
  • Trim pieces of different corners of your floor with careful measurements. We also tread pieces of a different kind.

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